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Pipe Bomb! English version

I @leeoxleeo waited a long time before write this for Pipe Bomb, I was trying to find some good points about the CM Punk situation with WWE, so enjoy it!

In 2011 with Edge retiriment, Triple H becaming an part timer, Undertaker appearing at Wrestlemania only, CM Punk became the guy to receive a push, a big Main Event push, starting with the Leaving Storyline and the match with Cena, great match btw, and if someone says that Cena was carried need to kill yourself, Cena made Punk look ridiculous good on that match, after that they decided to put Punk against Triple H, not The Game, not The King of Kings, but the COO, and he lost the match to the COO Triple H in a match that was, well… just good, brawl everywhere, Hunter hitting Nash with the Sledgehammer, just good, not awesome…

some months later Punk received another push, The WWE Championship, FOR 434 DAYS, damn, the guy stayed with the biggest Championship in the company for more than a year, with top guys in the company and defeating that top guys, he beat Cena, beat Bryan, beat Del Rio… and then, lost the Championship to The Rock in a ridiculous match, a very bad match, Punk carried The Rock’s ass the entire match, so, Punk out of the Main Event of Wrestlemania, what he get? nothing less than the Undertaker, the greatest of all times IMO, and I think he was schedule to break the Streak, but the Paul Bearer death changed the plans and the victory of the Undertaker was used as a tribute to Bearer.

After that Punk received some vacation, returned at Payback, in Chicago with a great match with Jericho and start a feud with Lesnar, and you guys that like to use the word ” Bury “, Punk buried Axel week in and week out, the guy that beat Triple H lost all his momentum, after beign defeated by Lesnar, Punk was schedule to face Triple H at Wrestlemania, let me say again, TRIPLE H AT WRESTLEMANIA, man, that’s a hell of a honor to be in the ring with a larger than life at Wrestlemania, but don’t, Punk decided to leave after the Royal Rumble claiming that he was hurt and the WWE doctors ignored him, I’m not a doctor to say he wasn’t hurt so I’m gonna talk about this. The fact is Punk left saying he wasn’t happy facing Triple H at Wrestlemania because it wasn’t the Main Event, that ridiculous, let me ask you guys a question, would rather be in the Main Event with Orton/Batista or in the Pre Main Event with Triple H?, he left claiming that WWE never used him properly, yeah, 434 days as World Champion doesn’t means nothing.

Despite the quiting, Punk still have his peeps, retards guys that chant CM Punk in matches, hey retards this guy turn his back to all you and disrespect the biggest legend of this sports, The Undertaker during the Colt Cabana Podcast, he claims that he’s match with The Undertaker didn’t mean a nothing to him, the guy wrestle with The Undertaker, at Wrestlemania and say that he don’t give a shit? who the hell he think he are?

I’m not a Punk fan, and not a hater either, I just think Punk is a retarded crybabe.

(I’d like to apologize for the language mistakes, English is not easy as it seems haha)


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