Pipe Bomb - Coluna do Captain - Who Really is Triple H

Who really is Triple H?

Triple H

Triple H

Pipe Bomb - Coluna do Captain - Who Really is Triple H1
Pipe Bomb – Coluna do Captain – Who Really is Triple H

I have some articles about Wrestling in Portuguese here in Pipe Bomb, and I will translate some for the non Brazilian visitors, this article is about Triple H, the guy that IWC hate, but the same guy that gave us NXT, so… Hope you like it!

I’m a long time Wrestling fan, almost ten years, and Hunter was the first guy that I created a connection with, the heel that does whatever he wants, hitting people with sledgehammer, beating the crap out of people and I like it, but with the Internet becoming the monster that is today, I start to searching behind the scenes stuffs about Triple H, trying to understand why people hate him so much. I read theories about him trying to sabotage Jericho’s career, the Booker T’s burial, the RVD’s burial… But, the only thing true, that everybody knows about is the Jericho situation, Triple H thought that him and Jericho having the same look around the Attitude Era wasn’t an good idea, both blonde, talented, arrogant characters… and I understand him, that’s the real story that even Jericho confirms.

The Booker T’s/RVD’s burial, I will leave this here, both wasn’t the Championship material for me, WWE had so many better guys to gave the World Title, but, for me, Triple H retaining the title against both wrestlers was what’s Best for Business, I just can’t see Booker, RVD and even Steiner as the World Champion of the biggest company in the business, a lot of people will disagree with this but it’s my opinion and I will never change it.

Despite his backstage political, Triple H always been a work horse and in my opinion the greatest Storyteller ever and more, he can make a peace of shit looking good, he’s talented, had/have the look and despite the injury’s still performing in an incredible level, the guy that torn his quad and still on the match like never happened deserves more appreciation, but people decide to believe in anything that is going on in the internet, everything that Punk says, because Punk is the internet guy but no one take a time to read what others have to say about Punk, that he is a hard guy to deal with, a self-proclaimed jerk. I will leave another thing here, why Punk never complained when he was the WWE Champion for more than a year?

About the backstage political, do you guys know The Undertaker? Yes, the Deadman, The Icon, The Legendary, if you think Triple H “Bury” Cm Punk, let me reminder you of something, Undertaker doesn’t like the answer Punk gave him during an argument and take the title from him at Hell in a Cell Pay Per View in 2009, in a 10 minutes match, in an open match, but, The Undertaker can do whatever he wants but when comes to Triple H it’s a “burial”? IWC are nuts!

And for last, the Stephanie factor, let me starting saying, Hunter was one of the uppers before even meet Stephanie and that’s like The Undertaker sad to him about the relationship with Steph, “it will be a asterisk on your career, but you know how good you are, you know how hard you work, and f*ck them”, and that’s it, Hunter work, WORK his ass of to get to the top, and still working like he’s a teenager or a rookie in the world of Wrestling, the guy barely sleep, have to work at NXT, at Be a Star Campaigns, Training Sessions and have to dedicate time to his children’s and wife… It’s like The Undertaker said once about Hunter, he’s a type of guy that everyone want in the company.

I am suspect when it comes to Hunter, this guy is in my top 5 easily, and the IWC needs to search more before talk shit about someone.


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